Stay Ready so You Don’t Have to Get Ready

It’s that time! For some you may have filed an extension for your 2020 taxes but water break is over, it’s time to get back in the game and tackle these 2021 taxes! If you didn’t take that route and looking to file net year… this is for you too! If you haven’t already… HowContinue reading “Stay Ready so You Don’t Have to Get Ready”

How does Bookkeeping work?

The process of doing your own or giving someone else the responsibility is tedious and can be time consuming. Going At it Yourself Learn the Basics for Your Industry Choose an efficient accounting software SEPERATE YOUR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS Create Your Own Records (Payroll, Invoices, Debts) Outsourcing? Give Access to Financial Accounts or Bank StatementsContinue reading “How does Bookkeeping work?”

How Can Bookkeeping Help Your Business?

It’s Cost Effective!! Helps you (business owner) stay in compliance More time to make money Expertise Huge help during Tax Season Reduces Stress, Error & Fraud Accuracy It’s time to hire a Bookkeeper when you’re too busy to do it yourself. Obtain Consistency! By enlisting a Bookkeeper or even an Accountant, not only are youContinue reading “How Can Bookkeeping Help Your Business?”

6 Reasons why you need a Bookkeeper for your business!

I cannot stress this enough! Check out my previous posts… Whether you’re in the development, start-up or growth phase, you need a bookkeeper!  Bookkeepers are needed when business owners face tough decisions regarding their business. Should I hire a contractor? Which product or service is driving my income? How much will I have to payContinue reading “6 Reasons why you need a Bookkeeper for your business!”

When to Outsource Bookkeeping: “Call it Quits”

When is it time to call it quits? If your books require daily or weekly attendance Spending too much time doing it yourself Separation of Duties Numbers make me nervous or anxious I hate bookkeeping Always think in terms of Opportunity Cost, the time spent doing one thing is a potential loss from doing theContinue reading “When to Outsource Bookkeeping: “Call it Quits””

Watch Out for Bad Bookkeepers

You need a Bookkeeper that has a clear understanding on how to help small businesses. What makes one a bad Bookkeeper? It’s fairly simple… Things to Watch Out For… Takes a While to Respond Back There’s nothing more frustrating that someone not getting back to you in a timely manner. It should not take yourContinue reading “Watch Out for Bad Bookkeepers”

Are Bookkeeping Fees Tax Deductible?

Deducting Legal & Accounting Fees Yes, you can deduct your bookkeeping fees as a business expense on your tax return. These expenses lower your taxable income, meaning the less money you’re liable to pay to the IRS. Check out my Downloadable File for common business deductions! TIME IS MONEY! When you’re reaching out to professionalsContinue reading “Are Bookkeeping Fees Tax Deductible?”

It’s Coffee Day!

Did you know you can get free coffee today! Today only, coffee shops and franchises have promo codes and offers on COFFEE! iS cOFFEE a tAX DEDUCTION? As a small business owner, you CAN deduct coffee as a business expense if: ~ Coffee is reasonable and necessary~ You are tracking coffee expenses~ Coffee is aContinue reading “It’s Coffee Day!”

What Does Bookkeeping Entail?

What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is recording financial transactions or information that pertains to business operation. It entails creating a filing system that categorizes income to the appropriate accounts as well as differentiating types of expenses. Businesses and individuals need bookkeeping! People do this without even realizing it’s bookkeeping. Examples are when someone creates a budgetContinue reading “What Does Bookkeeping Entail?”